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Lele Melo is: J.Melo (All instruments and Vocals)

13 comentarios:

Manuel Acevedo said...

Muy buena idea de crearte una pagina

Me resulta mas fácil venir a tu sitio y escuchar tus canciones.

Dale palante maestro y avisame si tienes algun evento o concierto en Suiza !

Un saludo,

Anonymous said...

Avisame a mi también y voy de gorra a casa de Manuel.

Un saludo,

Anonymous said...

This is pretty damn eclectic music, gotta love it!

Anonymous said...

en 2 palabras:


K.C. said...

The solo in Burner is EPIC!

João Pedro Pereira said...

Tens aqui um excelente reportório. Gostei muito das músicas, contudo deixa-me dizer que o nome Lele Melo não é algo que cative à primeira vista... Mas volto a referir que gostei muito das músicas, vou sem dúvida comprar as músicas.

You've here an excellent album. I've loved your musics.

Manuel said...

Hello Lele,

I came by to hear some of your songs today. Cool you have your easy to remember website now.

See you,


Lele said...

Thanks! It's so great to read all your comments. Thank you so much, I really appreciate! Don't hesitate in hitting those share buttons! ;-) Enjoy!

Seán said...

Me ha gustado este tema!!!!!

Lele said...

Muchas gracias Seán! Cuál es el tema que te ha gustado? Gracias por pasar a escuchar.

Anonymous said...

Oh man - how I love your little thing. I love to stick it in my ears. You've got the funk. Gotta have the funk!


Jorge Perelló said...

Hola Lelo!!!!
Estoy superimpresionado de la musica que haces!!! me encanta!!! recuerdo hace 15 años que te gustaba la guitarra, pero no imaginaba que llegases a estos niveles!!!! well done mate!!! ;o)Jorge Cordobés(del Instituto)

DeviantAries said...

Very cool! Never thought to check out your site until now. I really am liking your music.

a1wendil ( user)

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